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Hormone Testing & BHRT

Anti-Aging HRT Benefits by EVOLVE

Female Aging Symptoms: Can BHRT Help You Look and Feel Better?

Aging is a very natural part of life. It’s something everyone will experience, some quicker than others, unfortunately. Emotional and physical changes occur throughout your lifetime and continue until you pass away. Of course, no one wants to get older, and as soon as that first wrinkle appears, it makes …

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How To Check Your Hormone Levels

How To Test Your Hormone Levels

Hormones are produced in your body and are responsible for many of the vital functions required for your body to be healthy. Sometimes, there can be too much or too little of a hormone in your body which can create potentially serious issues with your body. It’s normal for hormones …

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Hormonal Imbalance Weight Loss Article by EVOLVE

How a Hormone Imbalance Affects Weight Loss

You are doing all of the right things. You are regularly exercising and watching what you eat. But you’re still frustrated looking at the scale because none of this hard work shows at all. If this sounds like your struggle, you may have a hormone imbalance that is holding you …

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DUTCH Hormone Test Article by EVOLVE

DUTCH Hormone Test: Overview, What it Shows, and Price

Many of us are frequently tired, trying to juggle everything in our busy lives. We may assume our extreme exhaustion comes from the need to juggle work, personal life, and family obligations. But what if there’s something more going on? We may not realize we suffer from stress and sex …

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Happy Couple On Beach

6 Reasons Why an Annual Hormone Blood Test Is Important

Getting regular medical tests is a good way of protecting your health. It can help screen you for diseases. Often, learning about the issue quickly is the key to treating the condition successfully. Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why an annual hormone blood test from …

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Hormonal Imbalance Guide by EVOLVE

Hormonal Imbalance: Causes, Symptoms, Tests, & Treatments

If we’re having mysterious aches and pains or going through a hard time mentally, we are often quick to blame “hormones,” usually jokingly. The truth is that having the right hormone balance is essential for good health, and it’s therefore important to pay attention to the signs of a hormonal …

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BHRT 101: Answers To Your Hormone Replacement Therapy Questions

Women of a certain age will be all too familiar with the unpleasant symptoms that come with the depletion of hormones as they approach menopause. However, these symptoms are not exclusive to women. Men over 40 may also experience the tell-tale signs of a reduction in hormone levels, including lack …

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