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What Is BPC-157 Peptide & What Does It Do?

BPC-157 is a short peptide chain that is actually part of a protein. This is used in studies and some current therapies available to treat wound healing issues and promote muscle and wound healing after an injury or surgery.

This is a protein that is actually found in stomach acid. It was discovered in the 90s, and it was identified as a possible therapeutic substance. At this time, it was added to trials for healing therapies and organ-protective research. It has been lauded as a blueprint for a new class of healing drugs.

Currently, this medication shows promise for healing tendon damage and injuries by making receptors that allow for growth signaling molecules. This allows soft tissue in tendons to heal more rapidly and better. This peptide also reduces inflammation, improving healing for ulcers and wounds while being used in skin protection for other needs.

BPC-157 Uses

As stated above, BPC-157 has been linked with improved soft tissue healing in trials. This shows the most promise for using this peptide for medical purposes, but there are other benefits and uses.

There are indications that this peptide can promote gut health and heal ulcers, which can, in turn, benefit those with depression and anxiety. Most of your dopamine and serotonin production is made in the gut, so having a healthy gut can help with mood and emotional regulation as well as digestive health.

One of the other ways this peptide is being used is to treat inflammation related to wounds and after surgery. This peptide seems to be linked with the promotion of tissue regeneration, and there have been other signs in studies that it can be linked with protecting the organs from damage and toxins.

Other promising uses for this peptide are linked with its ability to increase nitric oxide production, which can lower blood pressure and help reduce the risks and effects of high potassium levels. This peptide has also been shown to be quite effective in treating inflammatory bowel disease, which offers perhaps the most exciting promise that this medication has shown yet.

What Are the Side Effects of BPC-157?

Since this medication is given through an injection, pain and swelling are the most common side effects. Some other patients have reported dizziness and headache as well as nausea and stomach pain. This is not a well-studied peptide at this time, so there may end up being additional reported side effects as the peptide is used for other kinds of studies.

Like most medications, the incidence of these symptoms is directly linked with the dosage and the frequency of administration. There is still some work to determine if oral capsules or injections are the best delivery methods, but some people do tolerate the oral injections better.

How Long Can You Take BPC?

This peptide is generally given continuously for a month but can be given longer until symptoms improve. The injury will often be treated with consistent doses at a frequency set by a doctor during the first two weeks of healing. After that, the instances of injections can be reduced or halted to see if continued improvement occurs.

If there is further need, the medication can be retaken for another two weeks to help progress healing further. It is always recommended to take a two-week break in between rounds of doses. This will allow the body to have time to normalize between the treatments to be judged whether or not the treatments are working.

BPC-157 Peptide Benefits & Uses

Benefits of BPC-157

We have already discussed lots of the benefits of this peptide in trials, but there are many reasons why this medication might resolve your health concerns. For some treatment routines, you will have to get into a trial to access the medication, but this can be well worth it if you are suffering from a major illness or a significant injury.

  • Faster healing of soft tissue, surgical sites, and wounds.
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Influence improved serotonin and dopamine production.
  • Reduce seizures and pain
  • Promote gut health
  • Treat inflammatory bowel disease
  • Lower potassium levels
  • Control blood pressure

These benefits are very promising for many kinds of conditions that have been tough to treat using traditional therapies. This could be a game-changer for those with severe wounds that are not healing or surgical sites that have been reluctant to heal.

People suffering from issues related to their gut health or soft tissue might also find that BPC-157 is the answer to their treatment needs. While this peptide is still being studied, it has shown great promise that it might soon be included in more kinds of treatment for common issues that do not respond well to traditional therapies.

Giving people with severe injuries and inflammatory bowel disease hope for improved health is well worth the time and energy to study this peptide and what it can do for people’s health.

Great Promise For Healing and Controlling Disease Processes

For patients who need help healing from injuries related to their soft tissue and those suffering from depression and inflammatory conditions, this peptide shows great promise for being a solution that could greatly benefit their healing and long-term health.

Not many naturally occurring substances can offer this much promise for those who need help healing and managing chronic conditions. The research being done into the therapies that use this peptide will offer lots of hope to many people. BPC-157 might already be given to you to treat a variety of conditions. Still, it can be hoped that there will be continued research into this substance that will deliver on the promise of its ability to improve a variety of conditions significantly.

How To Buy BPC-157 Peptide

BPC-157 can only be prescribed and purchased through a licensed physician or qualified telemedicine provider such as EVOLVE. This injectable healing peptide typically requires a physician consultation and review of your health history and most recent blood work. This in-depth review is important for the physician to understand your body and the best treatment dosages. If you are interested in getting started with BPC-157 peptide therapy, contact EVOLVE patient care to schedule your intake.

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