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PhytoWashRx + Conditioner + Ketoconazole - 8oz (Hair Care Bundle)


PhytoWashRx (no additives), PhytoCondRx Base, and Ketoconazole (2%) in TrichoWash Base Hair Care Bundle. Hydrate and moisturize your hair!


This panel includes the following tests:

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  • PhytoWashRx: TrichoWash Base (no additives)  – 8oz: PhytoWash is a hydrating solution that leaves hair clean from root to tip without causing damage.
  • PhytoCondRx: TrichoCond Base (no additives) – 8oz: PhytoCond is a high-power moisturizing conditioner that seals and strengthens the hair cuticle.
  • Ketoconazole (2%) in TrichoWash Base – 8oz

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