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PhytoWashRx (Shampoo) + PhytoCondRx (Conditioner) - 8oz


  • PhytoWashRx: TrichoWash Base (no additives)
  • PhytoCondRx: TrichoCond Base (no additives)


PhytoWashRx is a shampoo made with non-irritating ingredients. The formulation of PhytoWashRx cleans without destroying fatty acids and promotes lasting hydration, softness, and flexibility to the hair.

With antioxidant action, PhytoWashRx delivers multiple benefits that favor the delivery of active ingredients. Studies suggest the combinations of PhytoWashRx and
PhytoCondRx demonstrates a significant increase in gloss and hydration. PhytoWashRx can be used in all types of hair.


  • Protects against visible signs of aging hair
  • Detoxifies, hydrates, and purifies the scalp



PhytoCondRx is a high-power moisturizing conditioner that keeps the structure aligned and firm. The adjusted pH of PhytoCondRx (always less than 4.5) promotes the final cohesion of the hair cuticles.
PhytoCondRx provides a source of peptides needed to maintain the proteins present in the hair cuticle, preventing cuticle breakage and exposure of the cortex.

For best results, use in combination with PhytoWashRx.


  • Protects against visible signs of aging hair
  • Promotes cohesion, strengthening, and hydration of the cuticle

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