What is a Troche Medication & How Does the Lozenge Work?

For some people, taking pills and capsules may not be the best choice. One of the biggest problems people have with pills, aside from swallowing them, is that it can take time before that medication gets released into the body. Troche medication is an alternative approach to medications that you may benefit from, especially depending on the issue you are trying to treat. This article will take a closer look at troche medication to better understand what it is and how it works.

What is a Troche Medication?

A troche is a small but hard tablet or lozenge designed to dissolve slowly over 30 or more minutes when placed under the tongue. This is similar to what you see when you take a cough drop, just one that lasts longer than a traditional cough drop.

So how does this medication work? A troche medication can mostly bypass the digestive system, delivering the active ingredients of the medication directly into your bloodstream. Medicinal troche medications enter into the bloodstream due to the numerous blood vessels that can be found close to the skin that is located in the walls of the cheek, and directly under the tongue.

These medications can be compounded with various flavors to make them easier to take for some people, making the troche more appetizing and appealing.

What type of conditions are typically treated using troches? Since they are in contact with your mouth for an extended period, this can be a beneficial treatment option for conditions like dry mouth, oral yeast and fungal infections, sore throats, and burning mouth syndrome. Troche medications are also helpful for conditions where you need quick relief after taking your medicine, as the medicine goes directly into the bloodstream. Other troche treatments include migraines, erectile dysfunction, and hormone replacement therapy.

Troche vs. Pills or Capsules

There are a few differences that you need to consider when it comes to a troche versus pills or capsules. Pills and capsules are swallowed rather than dissolved in the mouth. This difference means that your body absorbs and processes these options differently. As previously mentioned, a troche can deliver the active ingredients directly into your bloodstream. However, pills and capsules must go through the digestive tract, where the digestive acids metabolize the medication before it can get to the liver. When the medications get to the liver, they are then processed further.

The biggest issue with this is that some medications may not be as effective by the time the body processes the pills or capsules as soon as some medications, including bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), are not as effective due to coming into contact with the digestive acids. This is why doctors may decide to prescribe troches instead of pills.

Another significant difference is that troche medications are believed to be easier on the liver than capsules and pills. This is because pills and capsules need to be processed through the digestive tract and liver. This issue is that sometimes medications can be extremely harsh on the liver. As a result, troches tend to be a more liver-friendly medication option than pills or capsules.

These differences are why there are some clear benefits to taking troches over pills and capsules for medications.

Benefits of Troche Medication

Troche medications, by the very nature of their unique way of delivering medication, have offered patients many benefits over pills and capsules. This is why many patients prefer taking troches over pills and capsules. This section will take a closer look at the benefits you can get from taking troche medications.

For Those Who Have Difficulty Swallowing

There are just some people who have difficulty taking pills. Whether they have difficulty swallowing medications or are unable to swallow pills for other reasons, troche medications can be a great option. Since troches are meant to dissolve in the mouth between the gums and cheeks or under the tongue, the medication will gradually dissolve rather than need to be swallowed. This can be especially useful for older adults who struggle with swallowing medications.

Avoiding Gastrointestinal System (GI)

Troche medications avoid going into the GI system, which means that the digestive tract and liver are not involved in processing these medications. However, pills and capsules do need to go through the digestive tract. Some medications can be pretty harsh on your digestive system, which causes stomach upset. If you are someone with a sensitive stomach or suffer from a condition like IBS or liver dysfunction, you will benefit from troches.

Rapid Acting Medications

Since troches are directly absorbed into the bloodstream, you will benefit from taking these medications if you need a rapid-acting medication. The body doesn’t need a long process to absorb this medication into the system, as is required for pills and capsules. This means the medication works faster. Certain conditions where you need quick-acting medication will significantly benefit from troches.

More Effective

Some medications can lose effectiveness as it is processed through the body. This means that you’re not getting the full benefit of the medication as a result. Troches don’t need to be processed in the same manner as a pill, which means that you get more active ingredients directly into the bloodstream.


A troche is a medication option that you could potentially benefit from using. This isn’t a new technology in medication. This one has been utilized for centuries in its most simplistic form. Using today’s technology, a troche can be an ideal medication solution for people who suffer from various conditions. Your doctor can let you know if this is the best medication approach for your specific needs.

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