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Anti-Aging HRT Benefits by EVOLVE

Female Aging Symptoms: Can BHRT Help You Look and Feel Better?

Aging is a very natural part of life. It’s something everyone will experience, some quicker than others, unfortunately. Emotional and physical changes occur throughout your lifetime and continue until you pass away. Of course, no one wants to get older, and as soon as that first wrinkle appears, it makes …

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Hair Loss In Women EVOLVE Article

Hair Loss in Women – Thinning Hair Causes, Treatments, & Prevention

When you think about hair loss, you commonly think that this is a problem that only men have to worry about. While hair loss is more common in men, women can still end up with this problem. It is believed that fewer than 45% of women have a full head …

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Estradiol EVOLVE Article

Estradiol: Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, and Checking Your Levels

Estrogen is one of the main female sex hormones (progesterone is the other) and is responsible for various functions throughout a woman’s life. It is produced by your endocrine (hormonal) system and, from there, moves around the body through your bloodstream. Estrogens then work by binding to estrogen receptors in …

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Post Menopausal Health Article by EVOLVE

Postmenopausal Health: Causes, Symptoms, & Hormone Therapy

Many women dread menopause and see it as a sign of growing old. This is a shame because the postmenopausal period should be the least stressful time of a woman’s life. While some of the symptoms of menopause can last well into the postmenopausal period, it is entirely possible to …

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