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Hair Growth
& Scalp Care

Fight symptoms of hair loss, thinning, dry scalp, and more with the support of physician-prescribed hair care treatments from EVOLVE BHRT telemedicine.

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Receive the best patient care and support from our team of qualified telemedicine professionals.

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Get safe and effective hair care treatments backed by clinically proven results and satisfied patients.

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Easily schedule consultations and follow-ups with our patient care team, and attend online from home.

Hair Growth and Scalp Care - EVOLVE BHRT

The Benefits Of BHRT For Hair

A hormone deficiency can also affect hair growth. In men, hair loss is a result of an imbalance of testosterone in the body. In women, when the levels of estrogen and progesterone drop, hair grows more slowly and becomes much thinner. Unbalanced hormone levels can cause a variety of unwanted symptoms such as hair loss, receding hairline, dandruff, thinning hair, and male pattern baldness.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) helps to balance your sex hormones, creating a healthier environment for your hair and scalp to flourish.

BHRT includes physician-prescribed medications for men and women that may help to:

Hair Care Treatments

We provide our patients with the most effective hair and scalp nourishing medications. Receive the best patient care, optimize your hormone levels, and grow healthy hair with the support of qualified BHRT experts.

Here are a few of the physician-prescribed hair care treatments EVOLVE offers.

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Your goals, symptoms, and health history will be used to formulate a customized program to meet your lifestyle objectives.

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Visit a nearby location to quickly complete your blood test or check hormone levels from the comfort of your own home.

3. Talk to Patient Care

An EVOLVE physician specializing in BHRT will review your lab results with you from the comfort of your home via telemedicine.

4. Receive Your Treatment

Your custom treatment plan, along with instructions and support documentation, is quickly delivered right to your door.

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