What to Ask Your Doctor During Your Next Physical

If you have a physical coming up, you want to make sure that you go into the appointment knowing about the most important questions you should ask your doctor. These physicals are meant to ensure that you are in as good of health as possible, so it’s essential for you not to be afraid to ask questions. The problem is that you may forget about a question before you go to the physical, which is why it’s essential to take the time to write out your questions ahead of time. You can learn more about the most important questions you should ask your doctor.

Should I Get My Hormones Checked?

Hormones not at the levels they are supposed to be can wreak havoc on your entire system. Your hormones are responsible for many things regarding the body, from your weight and hair growth to mood swings and fatigue. If there is nothing else wrong with you and you are still experiencing symptoms that are harming your overall health, you should talk to your doctor about getting your hormones tested

There are options for at-home hormone tests, but you will get the best results and information from a test from your doctor. Talk to them about whatever symptoms you are experiencing, especially those you think may be related to your hormones, and ask them to test your hormones. Once they do, they can give you clear answers about what is concerning and a course of treatment that will help you treat the hormone imbalance causing you issues.

EVOLVE Hormone Wellness Check

Is This Normal?

It would be best to ask the doctor about any symptoms you are experiencing that you find concerning or at least bothersome. You want to make sure that what you are experiencing is normal, whether it’s a part of aging or if you’ve recently had an injury. The doctor can let you know if there’s something that you should be concerned about and what your next steps should be. This will give them something to focus on during their exam, especially if they notice other things that they may find isn’t normal.

Do I Need Any Additional Tests or Screenings?

The whole point of going to your annual physical exam is to catch any potential issues early to get treatment as soon as possible. Chronic health conditions have a way of sneaking up on you and potentially reducing your longevity. Annual physical exams have things that they will regularly check you for. You should ask them if there’s any additional testing you will need, which can depend on several factors, including family history, gender, chronic illnesses, and other testing that you have completed.

Does My Family History Put Me at Specific Risk for Conditions?

Some people have bad luck when it comes to genetics, with various conditions in their family history. It’s essential for your peace of mind to know whether or not these conditions put you at risk. Most importantly, your family history gives your doctor something to check regularly. For instance, if you have a family history of heart disease, you may need additional testing to better monitor you. You may even be sent to a specialist that can better help you. Family health issues linked to genetics will cause the doctor to look more closely at you. They may even recommend getting genetic testing.

Am I Up to Date on My Immunizations?

Being up to date on your immunizations can be essential for your health. During your physical exam, your doctor can look at your file and let you know exactly which shots you need and which ones you don’t. Certain people should be getting specific shots, such as the shingles vaccine, and pneumococcal vaccines are suggested for older individuals (seniors). Other shots may require boosters. Your doctor can tell you what you need to stay safe.

Do I Need Any Changes to My Prescriptions?

If you are currently taking any medication, you should make sure that you and your doctor review your medications to ensure that there aren’t any necessary adjustments. For instance, if you want to try to get pregnant, you may need to change or stop taking specific prescriptions. If you’ve changed your lifestyle and got healthier, you may need to prevent or significantly reduce any cholesterol or blood pressure medications. Talk to your doctor to ensure that the prescriptions you are taking are suitable for your needs.

What Can I Do to Improve My Health? / What Can I Do to Stay Healthy?

Not only is your annual physical exam vital because you can be proactive about your health and identify problems earlier, but this is also a great place to set your own health goals. You can get their advice about preventing chronic health conditions, especially ones that you may be genetically predisposed to. They will ask you about your current lifestyle, then look at what you could change to get or stay healthier. 

If you currently have certain medical conditions, you can talk to the doctor about things that you can do to manage your condition better. Sometimes just adding some vitamins and exercise can improve your health. This is something that your doctor can work with you, offering you valuable advice to help you get healthier.


Underlying hormonal issues could cause many ailments that you may suffer from. It can be crucial to get hormonal testing at your next physical. Sometimes people are scared or embarrassed to have their hormones checked, but their hormones can unlock the secrets of how to feel better. These tests are straightforward and could answer many questions about your health that have been bothering you. 

Check Your Hormone Health with the Support of EVOLVE

If you suspect that you have a hormonal imbalance, your doctor will perform various tests to check your hormone levels to see if this is an issue that you should be concerned with. If the doctor does determine that you have a hormonal imbalance, the doctor will then work with you to create a plan that can help you get your hormones in balance. The balance of hormones is essential to ensure that your body is functioning, so don’t hesitate to get tested if you have reasons for concern.

At EVOLVE, we specialize in hormone optimization and ensure that imbalances are appropriately treated. Because every person is different, it’s essential to carefully review your test results to create the most effective treatment plan. This treatment plan is prescribed by a licensed physician who specializes in treating hormone imbalances. You will receive ongoing support from the EVOLVE patient care team every step of the way, from scheduling a blood panel test to monthly treatment and follow-ups.

Schedule your hormone level test with EVOLVE patient care today to start your HRT treatment plan.

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