Does MOTS-c Help With Weight Loss and Bodybuilding?

Healthy aging is a huge focus of many supplements and food products these days. Everyone wants to be sure to take care of their body to enjoy youthful functionality and appearance for as long as possible. Some people even swear by MOTS-c peptide as the fountain of youth. But can this peptide really offer benefits to weight loss, bodybuilding, and more?

MOTS-c peptide has been proven to improve the regulations of aging factors significantly, and it can positively impact performance. Preliminary studies indicate that this peptide can improve and regulate aging functions in people of all ages. There is potential for it to be helpful toward performance goals related to bodybuilding and more.

Read on if you are ready to learn more about MOTS-c peptide and what it can do for you!

What is the Correct Dosing for MOTS-c Peptide?

The dosage of this peptide is up for debate as the dosing requirements require more studies to be done. At this time, many men are taking 35-75mg a day, but some people are only taking it once or twice a week at much lower doses. In mouse studies, the mice were given 5 mg a day, equivalent to 400 ug in humans.

The dosage for this peptide is often suggested to be 10 mg at first, and you can gradually work your way up to higher doses if you feel that you are not getting out of the product what you should. This is a tricky question for women since more of the studies into the benefits of this peptide were done in men.

Does MOTS-c Help With Weight Loss?

Many people who use MOTS-c peptide report that they have experienced some loss of body fat around their middle during the first few months of taking it. This result often plateaus after about three months without a subsequent increase in dosage. There is a limit to how much body weight it is healthy to lose, so some of those reporting a plateau in performance might be experiencing their body protecting itself from excessive body fat reduction.

Exercise is a better way to control body fat percentage, but MOTS-c peptide can help you meet your goals more readily. This is why bodybuilders have become increasingly interested in taking this peptide to allow them to cut body fat before a show in a healthier way than through increased cardio work and reduced food intake.

Does MOTS-c Help With Bodybuilding?

Preliminary studies have shown that athletes taking MOTS-c peptide have experienced improvements in their ability to perform when tired and to provide explosive power to lifting style activities. This could mean that the MOTS-c peptide has allowed them to push their fitness farther and gain muscle faster. More study is needed into this portion of the effects of MOTS-c peptide. Still, there were indications that physical capacity and health span were increased by taking the product in animal studies.

The performance-enhancing part of the benefits of taking this supplement has been relatively consistent in the studies that have been done in both animal and human groups. This means that MOTS-c peptide might replace traditional hormone therapies and use dangerous chemicals to create the same results. There is a real risk to the bodybuilding and athlete community from taking illegal or controlled substances not explicitly made to generate better performance outcomes. This peptide shows promise to replace these illegal substances and create a more favorable solution for the goals of professional athletes as a whole.

Other Benefits of MOTS-c

This peptide has also been shown in athletes to improve grip strength and improve gait during gait analysis. It has been paired with positive results in dieting groups as well. Cognitive tests were also significantly enhanced in animal studies when mice were asked to navigate mazes before and after taking the peptide.

One of the other more intriguing benefits of MOTS-c peptide in trials is that it seems to help control blood glucose. This means that this peptide might help people with diabetes and obesity to control their blood sugar more effectively. This could help people with these conditions to live a more normal life and require less supportive care from drugs like insulin.

Cell survival testing has also indicated that cells exposed to MOTS-c peptide stay healthy longer and perform better. This might mean that MOTS-c peptide could be the anti-aging drug that everyone has been looking for. Studies are not conclusive yet, but there are many reasons why MOTS-c peptide might be the answer for a wide range of health conditions.

MOTS-c Might Provide Answers to Many Health Concerns

For those who are athletes and are looking for a way to improve and grow in their skills or those struggling with weight loss and diabetes concerns, MOTS-c peptide might end up being the solution to all of these problems. You might find that taking MOTS-c peptide improves your ability to perform and helps you lose weight. If you are having issues with your blood sugar or diet, MOTS-c peptide could help you meet your goals in these areas.

There are many potential benefits to taking this supplement, and people are jumping on the bandwagon of adding it to their daily diet to see if they will get the benefits they want. Always make sure to check with your doctor before taking MOTS-c peptide and be sure that nothing in the compound will interact with other medications you are taking.

MOTS-c peptide shows signs that it might answer the anti-aging and increased athletic performance needs of millions of people.

Where to Buy MOTS-c Peptide

MOTS-c is a prescription-only peptide that requires physician approval. Before beginning peptide therapy, your physician may recommend a blood test and physical to review your hormone levels and general wellness. Our team of hormone specialists will assist you in scheduling a blood panel test so that you can see if MOTS-c is right for you. Already have a current lab test and physical? EVOLVE patient care will review your tests and can help you get started after a physician consultation.

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