The Anti-Aging Benefits of GHK-Cu Copper Peptide

GHK-Cu copper peptide is also known as copper tripeptide and is a short-chain amino acid that is actually naturally occurring in the body. This acid was discovered in 1973 and was quickly associated with regenerative processes and healing in the body.

Today, GHK-Cu is thought of as an “anti-aging” peptide because it facilitates tissue remodel and repair. This means that it can help play a crucial role in your body’s ability to heal. While there is some work left to do studying this amino acid to see what it can do in larger applications, it has demonstrated its effectiveness at reducing inflammation and promoting wound healing already in the past 40 years of study.

There is a lot of promise in the studies that have been done to date for this amino acid, and researchers are optimistic about its ability to help with tissue renewal and wound healing.

GHK-Cu Copper Peptide Benefits & Treatments

Skin and Wound Repair

This amino acid chain can be used for skin and wound repair and has been shown to make major improvements in wound and tissue care in animal studies. This is because it helps increase antioxidant levels in the tissue which allows for wounds to contract and close up. This kind of treatment is often delivered via ointment mediums.

Anti-Aging (Skincare)

Copper peptides have also been shown to have anti-aging benefits that have been useful in cosmetic applications. These products have shown that they reduce wrinkles and lines and can also improve the brightness and smoothness of the skin.

Hair Loss Treatment

GHK-Cu has also been shown to improve hair growth for those who are treating hair loss. This substance has also worked for male-pattern baldness. This amino acid is already commonly included in treatment options that are on the market like Minoxidil and could be added to other products in the future.

Nerve Regeneration & Cancer Prevention

Recent studies have been focused on the uses of this product for nerve regeneration as well as anti-tumor and cancer prevention. These studies have indicated that this amino acid can halt the formation of cancer cells and improve the health of tissues that surround cancer cells and lesions.

Other Possible Uses

New studies are being done to see if GHK-Cu can also be used to treat anxiety and improve pain tolerance as well as reducing aggression. These studies would offer real promise for the treatment of many mental conditions that cause degeneration of the brain tissues.

What are the Side Effects of GHK-Cu?

GHK-Cu is considered to be very safe but there are always a few side effects related to any substance that is taken for health. This amino acid is very well tolerated because it is made by your body already.

When using creams, you might have mild skin irritation if you are one of the very few people with sensitivity. When the substance has been injected, people have reported that they experience cramping and burning at the injection site.

Some users also report low blood pressure after use which means that there is an indication that you should not use too much at one time. This has not been reproduced in studies with reliable effects, but it is considered an area that needs more attention.

Other reported side effects are:

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Increase in appetite
  • Redness and pain at the injection site
  • Cramping at the injection site

How Do I Know What Dosage I Need to Take?

Dosing guidelines can vary depending on the way that you are using the product. You will find that there is not a lot of agreement about what makes for the right dosage for this substance. Most of the products are creams and other kinds of liquid applications that have the dosage pre-prepared when you buy the product.

50 mg per day seems to be the right amount for tolerance levels and effectiveness for many people. There needs to be more study done for this substance as far as what kinds of therapeutic uses require what levels of this amino acid to be present.

Thankfully, this is a substance that has a very, very high lethal dose, so it is not likely that you will accidentally overdose on this substance. The highest risk would be if you were injecting the substance. This is not a common use of this medication, especially in-home use. The only injections are usually done in those undergoing studies or trials to test the effectiveness of this medication for different applications.

In topical applications, you are recommended to use the cream or other substance once a day. You might need to apply twice a day for treatment of hair loss or certain skin conditions and this should be perfectly fine. The recommended dosage of this substance applied topically is largely irrelevant as you cannot get enough on your skin to lead to any kind of reactions or negative effects in most cases.

GHK-Cu Shows Promise For Many Uses

While there are already recognized uses for this substance in many applications, they are most topical and are not medical-grade. There is a lot of promise shown for this substance in anti-aging as well as cancer therapies, and the studies that are being done should show whether or not it is a viable solution for many kinds of illnesses and problems that would otherwise be hard to treat.

GHK-Cu shows promise for additional benefits as researchers learn more about it. Researchers are hoping that copper peptides can help treat many conditions that have been hard to treat for years. The benefits of using substances to treat health conditions that are already made in the body cannot be overstated.

Using copper peptides can improve your skin and hair at this time and might prevent aging. In the future, it might be used for more intense therapies for cancer treatment and other conditions.


Now that you’ve learned about the benefits, side effects, and dosages for GHK-Cu, you are probably curious where to get this peptide. Peptide therapy with GHK-Cu is available by prescription and can be found in treatments such as face creams, shampoos, foams, and serums. It is highly recommended that you purchase GHK-Cu medications from qualified specialists or providers. This will ensure you are receiving the highest grade ingredients, sourced from trustworthy compounding pharmacies.

Are you ready to rejuvenate your hair and skin with copper peptide therapy? Schedule your free consultation with our expert care team today!

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