Hair Loss Guide: Causes, How to Prevent, Treatments, & TrichoFoam

It’s a perfectly normal morning like any other when you woke up that day as you headed to the bathroom to go for work. But, as you washed your face and brushed your teeth, you noticed a thin dark line on your shirt. Yup, it started happening. You are getting bald.

Losing your hair is probably all we have been worried about at some point in our life. For men, this worry is generally much worse throughout life as hair loss is inevitable for most of them. However, plenty of women suffer from hair loss over the course of their lifetime as well. This issue and its prevention have been looked into countless times to help millions worldwide with their hair loss struggle. Therefore, we decided to do our own research and share with you a guide on hair loss prevention and some products you could use to get the upper hand.


One of the biggest problems with battling hair loss is that it has many causes. As a matter of fact, there are several hundred registered reasons for hair loss, depending on which organization’s data you look at. However, we will focus only on the main ones that are most common among the population and can be dealt with.


The first reason coming to mind when we think of hair loss is genetics, which is the most common cause among men. If your dad was bald, chances are you will be getting bald at some point in your life. Unfortunately, it’s how our bodies work, and there is not much you can do about it.

Age & Hormones

Another big reason for hair loss is age. As we grow older, our body starts slowing down the production of many substances and hormones, some of which are related to hair growth. This is another one of the causes which are on the inevitable side as the body naturally takes over. Thankfully, there are medical clinics that offer hormone optimization therapy (HRT) to help you get back on track!


Probably one of the most common causes of hair loss today is stress. In the increasingly connected and globalized world, stress levels are at an all-time high among the population due to a hectic lifestyle culture, causing many people to lose hair.

Habits & Care

Several other main reasons for hair loss that we identified may be more manageable by your habits. For example, if you color, perm, or relax your hair, you can damage it. In addition, improper hair care usually contributes to at least a portion of your overall hair loss. Another preventable reason for hair loss is hairstyle. If your hairstyle makes your hair go in a way that is pulled away from the scalp, this can lead to a receding hairline over time.

Lack of Minerals

The final cause we will mention in our article is the lack of minerals. If you are not getting enough biotin, iron, zinc, or protein, you could be experiencing hair loss on account of this.

How to Prevent Hair Loss

Lucky for all of us, just like there are hundreds of causes, there are thousands of ways to prevent hair loss. Numerous lifestyle changes can prevent hair loss over time, and we will be talking about the most important ones you can start doing today.


One of the most effective preventions is a prescription medication. Pharmacy and research have managed to push the hair prevention limits higher, and now we have some effective hair prevention treatments in the market. The most common medications are finasteride and minoxidil.

Avoid Hot Showers

Another method to explore is avoiding hot showers. Some believe that scalp inflammation that results from taking hot showers can lead to hair loss over the years, especially in later periods.

Diet and Nutrition

Maintaining a healthy diet consisting of the proper amount of water and nutritious foods will help keep your hair vibrant and healthy. Make sure you stay hydrated and drink eight 8oz glasses of water each day. In addition, support healthy hair growth by adding vitamin-rich foods to your meals, such as eggs, fish, avocado, spinach, berries, sweet potatoes, nuts, sweet peppers, beans, and red meat.

Foods to Avoid

There is good food and nutrients to feed your body; there are also foods you should try to avoid. This doesn’t mean you can NEVER have these types of foods, but it is best to monitor your intake. Some of the main foods to avoid for hair growth are sugar, alcohol, diet-free soda, and fast food. Your hair is made out of protein, and sugar-rich foods hinder the absorption of protein. If your body is taking in minimal nutrients and additional greasy foods, your hair may suffer.

Care For Your Hair

When it comes to the stuff that comes in contact with our hair, we can make some changes to prevent hair loss. For example, excessive use of certain hair products such as gels can lead to hair loss over time due to the substance’s chemicals. Finally, it is always a great idea to switch to anti-DHT shampoo and make sure your hair is not falling off because of the stuff that’s supposed to make it cleaner and better.


Just as there are numerous ways to prevent hair loss, numerous treatments help the hair re-grow over time. One of the reasons is the usage of medication we have mentioned before. In addition, finasteride and minoxidil (see study here) prevent hair from further falling apart and help old hair re-grow. The obvious treatment choice, though, is a hair transplant. Many people do it once they have lost all hope. It is highly effective and permanent. The most popular hair transplant procedures are follicular unit transplantation and follicular unit extraction.

You could also implement some lifestyle changes to treat your hair loss. It will not be as effective as a transplant for sure, but it can help you re-grow some hair. Some of the proposed lifestyle changes for people with hair loss are quitting smoking, having a balanced diet, and reducing daily stress.

TrichoFoam Overview

When we talked about treatments and prevention, we left out one product to dedicate an entire section to it as we believe it is an amazing solution for your hair loss struggles.

TrichoFoam is an innovative hair loss prevention product where the foam is generated by foam-activating packaging. Its technology is based on an intelligent Phyto complex that increases alopecia treatment effectiveness based on a clinically evidenced biochemical activity. The unique features of TrichoFoam assure simple application of active pharmaceutical ingredients on difficult-to-treat areas, like hairy skin and the scalp. In addition, this product is free of fragrances, dyes, mineral oil, parabens and is gently preserved.

One of the benefits of TrichoFoam is that it has a soft formula without propellants. TrichoFoam is also hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. In addition, it is compatible with a wide range of pharmaceutical raw materials, proven the ideal vehicle for incorporating minoxidil at a concentration of up to 7% without heating. All of these amazing features make TrichoFoam an ideal solution for your hair loss needs.

Want to learn more about TrichoFoam and its great benefits? Get started, and talk to Patient Care at EVOLVE!

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