ECA Stack Guide

What is an ECA Stack?

It’s an abbreviation relating to ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin which has become recently popular for its effects on the human body. An ECA stack combines the above-mentioned elements into consumable doses designed to help you with weight loss and boost athletic performance. The whole idea behind the process is that the combination of these substances can speed up your metabolism and suppress your appetite simultaneously, which are the two most commonly tried methods of losing weight. 

To clarify in a bit more detail why this combination can help with weight loss, we will quickly examine all of the ingredients. Ephedrine is derived from the Ephedra plant and is most commonly used to stimulate the nervous system and increase heart-rate/blood pressure. Caffeine is famous for its usage and purposes, which are in fact quite similar to ephedrine. Aspirin acts as a pain reliever and can ease muscle tension. When combined with ephedrine and caffeine, it keeps stimulating the first two at high levels for prolonged periods of time.

With that in mind, let’s look at how effective an ECA stack actually is.

Is an ECA Stack Safe to Use?

Thinking about taking a combination of aspirin, caffeine, and ephedrine at the same time sounds a bit questionable. After all, these substances are usually used independently, and we have grown up being taught to be very careful about mixing our medications. So, the question you wanted to ask: is using an ECA stack safe? 

When talking about caffeine and aspirin, it was pretty straightforward determining there are no serious side effects in taking them, even mixed together. However, ephedrine is a substance not familiar to all. Numerous controlled clinical trial studies on ephedrine usage found no records of serious effects, such as heart attack, seizure, death, etc. However, using ephedrine in combination with caffeine at certain doses can lead to adverse side effects. The ECA stack can be only be prescribed by your physician and purchased through a pharmacy. 


  • Fat loss
  • Energy and stimulation
  • Cognitive function and brain health


To create your own ECA stack, usually, all the ingredients can be purchased in the form of pills. Once you have caffeine, aspirin, and ephedrine pills, you can easily track your intake and make sure you have the right dosage. It is usually recommended to take the substances three times per day in the following volume: 25mg ephedrine, 100mg caffeine, 20mg aspirin. This comes to taking about one pill each, 3 times per day. We recommend them to be taken during your 3 main meals of the day, for the best results. 

Side Effects

Like all supplements, usage of an ECA stack can come with some minor side effects. These side effects may include:

  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • mood changes
  • anxiety
  • heart palpitations
  • and hyperactivity. 

Most stimulants out there are going to share these side effects, though. When we look at this list and compare it to common side effects caused by coffee, it’s looking pretty similar. And a lot of us drink coffee every day. The side effects are not so bad, and we accept similar risks daily by consuming different substances. 

Weight Loss Results

Now for the big question. Does any of this actually work? Is it worth taking all these pills 3 times per day and hope to lose enough weight to get into those old pants? Our research shows that the answer is YES. A review of 20 clinical trials conducted by the US National Institute of Health has presented evidence that ephedrine is an effective tool for weight loss. 

According to the trials, ephedrine was found to be effective when used alone, and it was found to be even more effective when used in combination with caffeine. Participants in the studies using caffeine and ephedrine lost on average two pounds more per month. Furthermore, the growing popularity of an ECA stack is creating a positive review trend on social media. This review shows that the ECA stack can actually help with weight loss when used correctly. 

The potential impact of an ECA stack on athletic performance hasn’t been well-studied so far. Although reviews have shown a modest effect on athletic performance in short-term duration (1-2 hours), more research is needed to determine the long-term effects.


Since we have determined that utilizing the ECA stack can be beneficial, let’s examine the pricing of this new routine that is supposed to change our lives so much. If you are buying all the ingredients in pills as we suggested before, then here is how much you can expect to pay. Since you might not find and buy mixed ECA stack pills due to your country’s restrictions, we have divided the pill prices into individual items. 

Aspirin is the cheapest one of the three and can be purchased virtually anywhere. You can buy 500 pills of 81mg aspirin for under $10. Caffeine pills are quite cheap as well, and you can buy these in bulk too. For example, you can get 100 ALLMAX caffeine tablets at Walmart for under $8, which comes to 8 cents each, as advertised on their website. When it comes to ephedrine price, that would totally depend on the type of ephedrine-related pills you wish to buy (we did not single out anyone in this article since there are so many of them). However, it is safe to say that you can get 50 tables of ephedrine for under $30. Although this seems pricey, especially compared to the other two, remember that you only need to take three of each every day. 

Considering trying out an ECA Stack for your weight-loss goals? We are here to help! Our premium ECA stack includes 25mg of ephedrine, 100mg of caffeine, and 20mg of aspirin. If you have questions about this fat burner combination, please talk to EVOLVE Patient Care today!

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